Jul'20 report

The main news of this month is that we have rested, recovered and started to enjoy our work again.

Thank you all so much for your support. Your kind words during this difficult time were especially priceless! :3


What we’ve done:

  1. Almost finalised the text of the main subbranch of Loner route (both writing and editing)
  2. Drew 3 CGs
  3. Working on the translation
  4. Quite a bit of coding (to raise the percentage!)

Here we need an explanation. In the full version will contain 3 routs: Vincent, Cassel, and loner. But there is a nuance. Loner route will also be divided into 2 subbranches: where the MC behaves more like kinder and separate, where it she's more angry. We call them "faith" route and "concern" route. So the first point is about "faith".


The game is ready at 86%

More detailed

The main directions:

  • Text 95% (Writing 98%, Editing 87%)
  • Visual 83% (CG - 65%, BG - 99%, Sprites - 84%)
  • Code 54% (Text 83%, Logic 57%, Visual 21%)
  • Translation 48% (Initial translation 83%, proofreading 30%, final editing 30%)

Well, thanks to the feedback from readers, we finally put up with the fact that the release is delayed.

The text is heavy, but most importantly, we are happy with what is coming out. It is always difficult to finish - we need to make sure that everything we wanted to show in the first game is revealed.

Therefore, in August we will throw all our efforts at the text.

Plans for August

  1. More work on the text of the loner route (finish the main branch and almost finish the branch of the evil loner)
  2. To draw 3-6 CGs
  3. Just a little work on the code (insert new text)
  4. Continue the translation

Total, if everything works out then in we will get the following:

  • The game will be ready at 88% (+2%)
  • Text 98% (+3%), it has 99% Writing (+1%) and 94% editing (+7%)
  • Visual 85% (+2%) with 71% CG (+6%), sprites and BGs unchanged
  • Code 55% (+1%), visual unchanged, logic 60% (+3%), text 85% (+3%)
  • Translation 54% (+6%), proofing 40% (+10%), final editing 40% (+10%)

May the force be with us!

And again here’s a teaser of what awaits you in the novel :3

P.S. ┬─┬ノ(º _ ºノ)

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Many thanks for your great work, I'm really looking forward to the game. I hope you stay healthy and take care of yourself. <3

Thanks! Every day we make the release date closer :3