Jan'21 News and Plans

Let's talk about plans and news. 

We have moved the release date of the full version to the summer of this year. Most likely, the release on the desktop (on Steam and itch.io) will happen a little earlier, and the release on mobile phones (only android, but iOS is still questionable) a little later, but more or less we should fit the summer.

What will be included in the release: 

  • Free version. There will only be a cropped Vincent’s route 
  • 16+ version. It will be paid and it will include the full Vincent’s route, Cassel’s route and Loner route
  • Demo. Before the release (or immediately after), we will update the demo, because the visual part for the demo will be very outdated at that moment

What will not be included in the release: 

18+ version - All adult scenes, dialogues, swear words and jokes beyond the edge (for example, the one about rape) will be released in a separate DLC and, most likely, only on Steam and itch.io.

A little later, we will post a detailed analysis of how different versions differ from each other, including approximate prices.

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Thank you so much for your hard work!! I just wanted to ask when the DLC would come out. Would it come out a few weeks after the game? Or would it come out the day the game comes out! 


if you mean 18+ DLC - we will announce it's dates separately. Most probably it will take months to release the DLC

Many thanks for the great work.<3 
I'm really looking forward to the game. love greetings and stay healthy

Thank you!